Parenting Programs

The White Oak provides opportunity for you to enhance your ability to impact your family and get your household the way you want it to be. We work on building the family atmosphere and interactions of the members to reinforce how you want your family to be. We have several different options to best enhance your ability to parent in today’s fast paced world where everything comes at your children in the push of a button. With everything coming at our family fast and furious there is often a heighten anxiety in our family atmosphere. People especially, parents can get easily frustrated when there is anxiety or nervous energy in the air. Lets get your family headed in the right direction to where the parents are the leaders, the atmosphere is more calm and balanced, and the family is more harmonious in time and routines. Drop us a line in the contact section so we can set up an initial family assessment session and begin the journey.

Enhance your family dynamics from a strength based model & build your better family ideology today with the White Oak.

We Provide family counseling sessions, parent coaching sessions, support groups, and at home visits (as needed) to help you build your better family today. Contact us to find out more about how the White Oak may help you. The WOI has helped many families better their positions whether you are looking to restructure your family or if you are first looking to build up the household atmosphere, rules, and parenting strategies to enhance accountability and compliance of the family members. No matter where your at in your family dynamics, we can meet you there and help you evolve where you want to be.

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