Couples Weight Loss

This group incorporates mindfulness activities surrounding eating, emotional resiliency growth, general wellness strategies, a process and support group agenda, activities to take home, and a few group events. There is no other group around like this! If you are sick of being tired, overweight, or desire to be optimally health conscious, then this group is for you! This group is for the person who wants a healthier lifestyle and has a supportive partner who either wants that too or is willing to be committed to being supportive of their significant other in their life. This group is carried by the ideology that proper healthy lifestyle development for people and subsequent potential weight loss is best achieved when the frame for behaviors in support of this ideology are rested upon mental skill enhancement and specific conceptualization in line with the work of exercise and dieting. In short the problem may not simply be your diet or exercise habit. It may also be the need to develop the mind and gain power in aspects of restructuring the mind that best provide you with ways to cope with emotional living and behaviors that are contradictory to your value of healthy living. Contact us to join a group now forming. These groups close once we have five couples.

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