Anger Management

The White Oak offers an anger management program. We offer a small group format. Each patron will receive several psychoeducational documents, a book on Anger Management to coordinate with the 12 week program. You will learn that your anger has a use when not placed in a reactive frame of triggered behaviors based on fear of future anticipatory events or derived from past learned outcomes from similar events. You will learn mindfulness techniques specific for anger management and leave the program with a new sense of present minded focus and true knowledge of your anger and how to best manage.

Examples of handouts and theoretical construct supporting the group include 1-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Anger Group developed by M. Foret, Psy. D. and Patricia Eaton, Psy. D. of the Kaiser Permanent Department of Psychiatry, 2- ACT on Life not Anger by Georg Eifert, Matthew MacKay, and John Forsyth, 3-ACT made simple by Russ Harris, 4-Mind and Emotions by Matthew McKay, PatrickFlanning and Patricia Zurita-Ona.

Groups typically form on the weekday evenings or Saturday mornings. We do not exceed eight people per group to allow for the most dynamic process interactions for our weekly group. Each weekly session consists of one and a half hour of a hybrid of process and psychoeducational group therapy. Please contact us to inquire further information or set up an appointment.

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