Anger Management

The White Oak offers an anger management program. We offer both an individual one-on-one format and a group format. Each format will be a minimum of 10 weeks with more time added as we determine necessary to fit your needs. In Anger Management we will teach you advanced skills in conquering your anger so that it becomes a viable tool in your mental toolbox instead of being a disruptive agent in your attempts at living well.

We provide anger management groups based on interest. So if you are interested in the group then contact us and let us know of your interest and when your looking to start so that we may add you to the upcoming group of your choice. Typically, not always, groups are held during the evenings.

Moderate portions of our program are adapted from; 1-Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Anger Group developed by M. Foret, Psy. D. and Patricia Eaton, Psy. D. of the Kaiser Permanent Department of Psychiatry, 2- ACT on Life not Anger by Georg Eifert, Matthew MacKay, and John Forsyth, 3-ACT made simple by Russ Harris, 4-Mind and Emotions by Matthew McKay, PatrickFlanning and Patricia Zurita-Ona.

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