White Oak Couples Retreat

Want to spend one weekend to enhance your relationship quality or work on some concerns or problems in your relationship? We provide 6 Couples’ Retreats throughout the course of the year. These retreats entail a personalized touch and we will keep our class sizes small to ensure your full coordination in the program so that you get the most out of the experience. Class sizes will be limited to six couples.

All couples will complete an initial couples assessment and submit it prior to the retreat. This will help us understand the persons within the relationship and some of the dynamics prior to entering the retreat. There will be four 2- hour educational group sessions, two 2-hour process therapy groups, and one specialized intimacy enhancement activity and 1 fun event all designed to enhance your relationship for better intimacy, best communication and coordination of relational dynamics, and growth and wellness.

The topics include and are not limited to the following: Intimacy enhancement, self and other forgiveness for past hurts including affairs and trauma, and how to work through them. How to dissolve the cycle of hurt among other cycles, communication style and seven best practices in communicating, self love component specific for men and women (self psychology and “other”psychology are equally important in a relationship), shared vision and the importance of the values of contribution, caring, and connection, and a special topics based on pre-session data collected from the couples. We offer the retreat every other month on the last weekend of the month starting in January. The events go from Saturday 9AM-4PM and Sunday 9AM-4PM.

Costs for this event are $950.00 per couple.  

The next March 2023 venue is at Starved Rock in Ottawa Illinois followed by May in Lake Geneva Wisconsin. Events alternate every other location on the odd months of the year. This January event is pending.

To sign up for the a couples retreat, call us or drop us a line on our contact page showing your interest and we will get back to you with details.

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