Sometimes adolescents will seek out therapy themselves however more times than not they are coming in from third parties from school, community, or home relationships. In any event we provide therapy with adolescents in a most similar frame to our work with adults. However we may provide a wider range of activity and activate more engagement from the adolescent within their social contexts as a means to enhance their peer grouping and activities in manners to support positive growth and wellness within the community they reside.

Adolescents typically will be met one on one with the therapist and the parents may be brought in or informed of certain aspects of the treatment approach in order to reinforce the necessary behaviors to alleviate the dilemma or make the person’s world more manageable. At times a family session may be provided to look into the family dynamics for avenues of support and change for the adolescent or to provide educational pieces to enhance the quality of life for the individual.

In addition to our work on the presenting problem of the person we will look to enhance overall growth and wellness of the person by providing supports and focus on the aspects of living that make the adolescent unique and a contributing member of their greater community. For example, we may encourage joining after school organizations when the values of the adolescent and family management match such an acquired endeavor.

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