Dialogue with your mind/self

One important tool for setting new standards of living in your life is to develop a relationship with your mind. Having an inner dialogue with your self is one way to assist you to stay motivated towards value-based goals and lifestyle change. Positive self talk can be that inner voice of strength in change needed to make actual change outside the mind more likely to stick.

Sometimes, more than not, our minds will battle with thoughts that counter the changes we want to make in life. Our mind is trying to keep homeostatic levels which are in tune with your daily routines and sequential behaviors over time wether they are observed by you as good or bad when analyzed. So the mind is doing its part to keep you safe by making your world predictable in the face of change. So when the mind starts to battle with good and bad thoughts like “I am fat and I do not want to be seen in these clothes vs I miss my friends and need to get out of the house, e might best benefit by observing our thoughts for simply what they are. The are just thoughts that are being played in our mind like a game of chess. Let’s think of the pieces of white vs black as good vs bad thoughts. The pieces are the weighted thoughts and they move around the board setting up the opposing thoughts and positioning themselves for the win. The trick then is to observe our thoughts and notice they are just thoughts while also incorporating positive self-talk from a strength based perspective to best work through the presenting dilemma. In this way we are more likely to move in our world with value-based behaviors that are congruent to what we care about. In our example aforementioned, we may then elect to hang out with our friends despite being a little uncomfortable about our perceived appearance since our friendship value is most important to us.

The inner dialogue with the mind of providing positive self-talk when noticing our internal thoughts creates a positive vibe with in yourself and motivates you best for changes to come. This is not only in your mind but also the vibe may buzz in your body if you have sufficient mind-body relations. This one tool of noticing thoughts and having an inner dialogue with positive self-talk is just one of many tools to utilize in your journey to greater wellness and balance in your life. Without such tools to calm the mind down we are giving too much power to our mind to; keep readjusting our living to make our world more about utilizing the past to be fearful of the future and protect ourselves from social events that are not yet known. This is against the idea of being in the moment and presently attuned to living in accordance to what we care about and value against any negativity outside or inside of our mind. This is why inner dialogue and positive self-talk may be a tool to develop in your mental tool box to committed and moving in line with what you want to do now and to better your future.


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